WIP Wednesday

IMG_2196start date: 8 September 2014
elapsed time: 2 days

completeness: 80%

On my needles this week is a vest for Númenor.

I’m purposefully making it a little too big so that he can wear it as an extra layer over shirts on cold days this winter and then maybe on its own next summer.  It’s a wool-silk blend, so it’s very soft, but whether it’s next-to-skin soft for the eczema-plagued child remains to be seen.

He picked the cabling pattern from the options given by the pattern designer.  Actually, first he picked the heart cable pattern, then the owl cable pattern, and then he said that the owl pattern should go on an owl-colored vest, so could I please make the vest in an owl color, like brown?

IMG_2197I had already finished the garter stitch yoke at this point.  I was not about to frog my progress, especially since this gorgeous yarn is hand-painted in the same color palette as the baby quilt I made while I was pregnant with him.  So I suggested, as gently as I could, that maybe we could make this vest with the heart cable pattern and I could make him another vest in a suitable owl color with the owl cables.

“Oh!  Yeah!”  He said.  “I more love you to make TWO vests.”

“Okay.” Said I.  “So the heart cables on this red vest, right?”

“Yeah.”  Quoth the child.  “I more love big twisty knit-ten this time.”

“What big twisty knitting?”

“All down the front of it like this.” He said, making a whooshing sound and a corkscrewing hand motion.

“The giant cable like in this picture, you mean?”  Spake I, proffering the pattern picture for the child’s further perusal.


“Not the heart one?”

“No, just the big ones.  Heart ones are not for chil-der-en that are four years old.  Just when they are babies.”

“Oh.  Okay.”


The pattern is (one of my all-time faves) Milo by Georgie Hallam.  The yarn is Araucania Riñihue in a discontinued colorway (1714)– a beautiful mix of reds, plums, and golds.


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