WIP Wednesday

IMG_2200start date: 17 September 2014
elapsed time: five hours
completeness: 90%

I finished Ithilien’s vest yesterday (as it turns out, he wanted the heart cable pattern).

I started a fabric order online for the next project on the list, but I haven’t finished the order yet because I’m waiting on a mama-to-be to tell me about her preferences.

So…in the meantime…

I’m doing a few little indulgent projects for myself.  Like making a soft echidna.

I love echidnas.  I really really do.  How could you not love them?  Sadly they aren’t very popular stuffed animals– I haven’t found a single one for sale ANYWHERE– and, in lieu of breaking several laws by acquiring a real echidna and keeping it as my pet, I am sewing a toy one for myself.  Meet Palantir, the short-beaked echidna!

IMG_2204One definite advantage of the soft toy echidna is that it’s much softer and nicer to snuggle than a real echidna would be, although I think the tiny puggles look very cuddle-able.  (And wrinkly and naked!  How great is that?)

Palantir is nearly finished now.  I have to find some shiny little eyes– beads or buttons, I can’t decide– and do a little shaping of the ears and the neck fat with some upholstery thread tacking, but that’s it.

And I’ve given him a few test cuddles, and the experience was everything I could have hoped for and more.


The pattern is my own, the leather bill is upcycled from a piece of leather Robert used in one of his Cub Scout crafts back in the day, faux furs are from Artito.  Tracey was awesome to work with and helped me match the furs I wanted to use and gave me stellar advice– check out her shop and maybe you’ll find something that inspires you to do something awesome!


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