WIP Wednesday

IMG_2328start date: 14 October 2014
elapsed time: one day
completeness: 5%

My smalls don’t watch a lot of TV.  We don’t own a television, so that helps, but they also don’t watch a lot of movies and TV episodes online.  It happens sometimes.

Because sometimes I want to sleep a bit longer than 2am to 8am, for one thing.

Or because I have tried literally every other strategy in my repertoire and they are persistently trying to kill each other.

You know, trivial reasons like that.

And one of the things they watch when they watch is a show that aired on PBS called Peep and the Big Wide World, which is an animated show about three baby birds who explore some farmland extremely naïvely.  There are also some live-action segments on this show in which a suspiciously diverse group of small children explore their world by sorting things, meeting engineering challenges, experimenting with phases of matter, etc.  And– and this is my favorite part– this show is narrated by Joan Cusack, who does all the typical little-kid-animated-show narration, but is ALSO sarcastic and snarky because JOAN CUSACK.

Anyway, in one of the episodes of this show, an acorn falls, and one of the baby birds and a local squirrel disagree over whose acorn it is until they finally decide to share it, as narrated by Joan:

Now, most birds and squirrels realize that an acorn has two parts:  The part that’s good to eat, and the part that makes a very nice hat.

— Peep and the Big Wide World

Now, my smalls, at this time of year, see acorns on the ground.  They bring them into the house and put them in our nature table display.  They love them.  And they break the caps off and hold them on top of their heads and say,  “Look, Mommy!  This part of the acorn makes a very nice hat!”

And you all KNOW I couldn’t let that go unaccessorized.

So I tried to find a good, free, acorn cap beret pattern on Ravelry.  No dice.  Acorn-cap-textured cloches, yes, but berets?  Nope.

Then, for my birthday, I was given a copy of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

And the inevitable result is that I am designing my own pattern, my FIRST knitting pattern, by the way, for the part of the acorn that makes a very nice hat, reproduced at a scale suitable for a child’s beret.

So far I’ve flipped through the whole book and marked all the stitch patterns that might work and started the ribbing.  Of the first hat.  Because when you have two children, you make a lot of things in pairs.

IMG_2330I am enjoying myself immensely.

The yarn is Agrupación de Productoras Esperanza— a fair-trade drop-spun undyed llama yarn from a Bolivian women’s co-op.

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