WIP Wednesday

IMG_2334start date: 16 November 2013
elapsed time: 11 months, 6 days
completeness: 80%

On those rare and mystical occasions on which a long-term plan comes to fruition, I struggle with remaining humble.

This project is a pair of soft playsets that I bought supplies for and started scheming about in 2010, in that brief period when Númenor was an only child.

IMG_2340I have waited for the smalls to be ready for multi-piece play.  I considered pulling this out every holiday season, but in 2010 I was too tired, in 2011 they were obviously too small, and in 2012 they were not interested in anything but sandboxes and running.  In 2013 I thought maybe, maybe they were ready, but I started the project too late in the season and got overwhelmed by all the fussy cutting and the simple scale of the work.

But now, oh ho ho, now!

I finished cutting and piecing and stuffing all the figures last year, and I have been madly assembling walls and roofs for the last couple of weeks.  I still have to finish some roofs and sew on the snaps that will allow the individual walls to be built into fortresses, castles, palaces, towers, etc.

And there are two months left before Christmas.


The green set of fabrics is from the Castle Peeps collection and the purple is from the follow-up 1001 Peeps collection, both long-discontinued (that’s why I bought them in 2010!) prints by Lizzie House for Andover Fabrics.  The backing for most of the pieces is that wonderful “smoke” gray wool-blend felt from JoAnn.

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