WIP Wednesday

cherry tree hill yarn waiting for my attentionstart date: TODAY, 12 November 2014
elapsed time: none

completeness: 0%

It’s HARD to be an adult child.  You have to give your parents gifts, and you’re way past the point where what they’ll cherish most is your handprint surrounded by too much glue and some dried pasta.

To be fair, it gets easier when you have your own children, because THEY can be your new glitter glue and cotton ball artwork– pictures of the grandchildren!  OMG THE EXCITEMENT!

But sometimes you want to give your parent something from YOU, and not just pimp out their grandchild’s artwork or likeness in print.  Then what?

yarn, needles, patternI mean, their house is FULL of stuff.  And if it’s not, they’re probably in a better position to buy what they need than you are because they’ve probably paid off their student loans already.  Sometimes they’ve even paid off their mortgage, which is a kind of fantastical gilded-age wealth I dream about achieving myself (you millenials out there know what I’m talking about).

It’s easy to fall into a gift-giving rut with your parents.  I know I have before — roasted nuts for my father’s birthday, pictures of my children for my mother’s birthday, a nativity for my dad for Christmas and homemade jewelry for my mom, art by my children for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day…it gets old.

skein untwisted into a hankThis year I’m knitting instead.  I knitted a great hat for my father’s birthday– he loves Game of Thrones, so I knitted up a beanie with “Winter is Coming” spelled out in colorwork and tucked enough Powell’s money inside to get one of the books.

My mother’s birthday is coming up in about a week, and I am just starting something for her.  And I can’t tell you what it is, just in case she reads my blog.

yarn rolled into a ball and ready to knitParents, amirite?

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Semi-Solids in cherry.  This colorway seems to be discontinued, but I highly recommend the yarn.  It’s soft, springy, and tightly-plied, just like a sock yarn should be, and the color is amazing.