WIP Wednesday

IMG_2485start date:  16 January 2015
elapsed time:
  5 days
completeness:  50%

A couple of months ago, I sorted through my wardrobe, determined to be honest about what I found.  I donated a bunch of things that don’t fit, moved a pile of things that have outlived their usefulness to the upcycling chest, and reorganized my huge collection of shirts according to whether they were presentable to wear to a “nicer” public event, like a dinner party or a church service.

I discovered that I own almost two dozen shirts that, because they were cheap storebought articles made of synthetic knit fabric, now have tiny pinholes, runs, or transparent patches, and are therefore only good for pajamas or wearing around the house.  And as for presentable shirts– I had two long-sleeved ones that I liked, and two short-sleeved.


Obviously making myself some new clothing has been high on my list of goals ever since, and I am finally getting around to it now that the winter holidays are over (and I got a hole in one of my long-sleeved shirts, bringing me down to ONE).

I decided to start with something I knew I would like: a draped, cowl-necked crushed velvet top.  Unfortunately, all the crushed velvet I had was remnants– one 50″ square and one 50″ by about 35″, which was definitely not enough for what I had in mind.

IMG_2484But it would be enough, I thought, for the bodice.

IMG_2483So I’m cobbling this top together from those crushed velvet scraps and some satin panels left over from cutting a planned skirt down to length.  The sleeves are straight, and I’m going to gather them in at about 3/4 length with some wide cuffs cut from the last little bits of velvet.

IMG_2482I know it doesn’t look like much in pictures yet, especially because the camera doesn’t do justice to velvet or satin textures, but I just adore it.  And I’m quickly filling up a notebook with ideas for more clothes for myself, because if it’s this easy, what’s to stop me?

I drafted the bodice according to this excellent tutorial, which I highly recommend.  It was so easy!  I added an inch or so to her constants all the way around for a more dramatic effect, and it still came out perfectly on the first try.