WIP Wednesday

DIY rag rug in progressstart date: 20 February 2015
elapsed time: five days
completeness: 25%

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you live in mud and pine needles.

No amount of scraping and shuffling will change the fact that whatever floor surface in your home is proximal to the entrance needs daily cleaning.  You can have a barefoot house and still have this problem, because it’s not like you can expect people to leave their shoes outside in the rain.

Enter rag rugs.

half circle rag rug in progress

This is my first-ever rag rug, and it’s destined for the double-door entry onto the bathroom (which is seriously my favorite feature of this house– I can bring my small children directly from the backyard to the bathtub without reminding them not to touch anything, you guys!).  I’m still not totally sure that the half-circle shape will work, but I figure that once I’ve got it big enough, I can just crochet around the edges to hide irregularities.

I spent all of last weekend cutting the strips and sewing them back together, and I’ve been making slow-but-steady progress on the braiding and sewing together since then.  I’d like to be done before March, because I would like to spend those last few weeks of winter/first few weeks of spring doing some knitting, but so far I’m too easily bored by the braiding to make much progress on that kind of timescale.  Fingers crossed.

rag rug and fabric strips waiting to be joined

These strips used to be two of Robert’s middle school t-shirts, one of my college t-shirts, a pair of Robert’s boxers and whatever was left of two pairs of his pajama pants after I made some clothes for my plaid-obsessed 5-year-old from them.  Not a bad trade, really.

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