Mending Techniques: a Series

Let’s talk about mending!

I’m going to walk you through the way I fix everything in my mending basket.  There’s no guarantee, obviously, that my way is the best way (and it’s certainly not the ONLY way!), but I wanted to make sure that what I have figured out for my family’s needs is available to anyone who might be interested.

I seem to do mending every few months, or whenever the basket is too full.  It would probably be better to mend things as they come in or have a regular time every week or two (Ma Ingalls did her mending every Wednesday), but I have yet to make that work in my life.

I will index mending series posts on this page as they are published.

The Mending Basket

Sewing Basics for Mending

Needle and Thread Repairs

Tips for Structural Seams

Stay tuned for more!