Last Days of Summer

This space has gone a bit quiet lately because we’ve all been so busy making ready: ready for the last fleeting moments of summer, for the coming academic year, for the new baby, for the building and practicing and learning we will occupy ourselves with when the rains move in.

So many baby things are flying off my needles these days, for our newbie and for others.  Robert has been working on our crib, and giving the chicken yard and henhouse some desperately-needed updates.  The smalls have been doing everything and nothing in that fantastic way peculiar to children in the summer.

While Robert took a rest by himself this afternoon, the smalls and I talked about what we absolutely MUST still do:

— visit our friends up in Seattle

— go to OMSI

— have Walla Walla Sweet Onion Rings and marionberry lemonade at least once more

— go to the drive-in again, IF they ever show anything decent again

— dip our toes in the pacific one last time before it’s too cold

— put up as many tomatoes as possible

— clean the sun room (there *may* have been some eye-rolling and but-why-ing about this one)

— finish stripping the bark off the logs for the crib

There are just four weeks left in summer 2015.  What will you be doing?