Felt Food: Blueberries

Super-easy blueberries for a play kitchen: seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this!



  • blue felt (a heathered indigo felt– if you can find such a thing– would be ideal)
  • blue thread (it doesn’t have to be a good match as it shouldn’t show much in the end)
  • hand-sewing needle(s)
  • scissors
  • stuffing (optional)
  1. Cut a small circle (1″ to about 3″ in diameter) from the blue felt.  It’s better if it’s slightly irregular.
  2. Sew a small running stitch around the edge of the circle, leaving both ends unfastened.img_3996
  3. .Place the trimmed scraps from cutting your circle into the center.  On larger berries, you may want to put a little pinch of stuffing behind the scraps for more plumpness, but for small berries, the scraps are likely all you’ll need.img_3999
  4.  Pull on both ends of your thread to gather as tightly as you can around the stuffing.  Fasten off.img_4000
  5. Bury your thread ends and use a finger or a small tool to neaten the appearance of the blossom end, if necessary.img_4002

I made 35 berries in two colors– a navy blue 100% wool felt sheet, shown here, and a smoky royal blue felted wool sweater– to fill my mini-punnet.  I found that the wool felt sheet was much easier to cut and gather, but the thicker felted sweater makes a more convincing blossom end.