Felt Food: Strawberries

This very easy method makes realistic, conical strawberries, resembling the prized Hood variety grown in Oregon.


  • wool or wool-blend felt in red and green
  • thread or embroidery floss in yellow, green, and red
  • stuffing
  • hand-sewing needle(s)
  • scissors
  1. Cut a freehand half-circle from the red felt.  I find that a radius of more than 1″ but less than 3″ makes a convincing strawberry.  It’s preferable if it’s not perfect– strawberries aren’t perfect!img_3980
  2. Using yellow thread, cover the red felt piece sparsely with tiny stitches.  Try to orient all of your stitches so they point to the middle of the straight side of your half-circle.img_3982
  3. Fold the half-circle in half, right sides OUT, lining up the straight edges.  Sew JUST the straight edges together with a small whipstitch using red thread to make a cone.img_3984
  4. Stuff the cone nearly to the top and pretty firmly.  If you’re using wool stuffing, remember to add another pinch after you think you have enough to allow for compacting over time.img_3987
  5. Sew a small running stitch around the top edge of your cone.  It doesn’t matter what color thread you use for this because it won’t show in the finished product.  Gently but firmly pull both ends of your thread to gather this seam as tightly as you can and fasten securely.img_3989
  6. Cut a five-pointed star from the green felt.  The center of your star needs to be big enough to cover the gap left in the top of your gathered cone.  Again, it’s preferable if this shape isn’t perfectly regular.img_3990
  7. Using the green thread, sew a ring of stitches to secure the center of your green star to the top of your cone, covering the gap left in step 5.img_3991
  8. Bury your thread ends and admire your strawberry!img_3992

I made 20 strawberries to fill a punnet, varying the size, the yellow thread (I used butter yellow and goldenrod), and the green felt (I used a tightly-felted grass green sweater and a sheet of apple green felt) to give each of my berries individual character.