Today, We are Not Quite on Fire

Not quite.

We’ve been under a canopy of smoke that blows away in the morning and comes back overnight for more than a month courtesy of that huge fire in British Columbia.  Our August was hazy and hot and almost eerily still.

But last night, as we drove home from a mini-vacation, we were able to see flames from the Eagle Creek fire from I-84.  The air was greenish gray and thick with smoke, so thick you didn’t so much smell the smoke as taste it.

And this morning, the world is covered in a dusting of ash.

But we are not on fire yet.

And soon, the rain will come.

It’s not in the forecast yet, but it’s coming.  I have faith.

And when the rain comes, and the fires are beaten back, and the forests are left blackened and alien in their quiet, and the world around us enters its autumn, we will all breathe a little easier, through lungs and in minds.

But for now, we are hiding inside with the windows sealed up tight, holding our breath as the house holds its breath, and the people who protect our community are fighting and sweating, because today, we are not quite on fire.

Not quite.

One thought on “Today, We are Not Quite on Fire

  1. I wish you well in your not-quite-on-fire situation; quite disturbing! I also have a blanket of ash in my home and the air is stuffy from lack of fresh circulation but there are no flames at my back door. I am eager for the rain, which I always love in all seasons, especially now to clean the air and give relief to the plants. How are your chickens holding out in this? Do they show distress with this strange shift in reality?
    By the way, really enjoyed watching your July 4th posting about our country. Saw a bumper sticker that made me chuckle: Make American Think Again! Wondering if there will be something special for Indigenous People’s Day coming soon. For now I will wander in the haze and wait for the rain.

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