About Me

I’m Elizabeth, and I am the mother of two wonderful and terrible small children.  I’m a feminist housewife living in a small town in the Columbia Gorge.  I spend my days tending our tiny flock of chickens, pushing myself to make more things at home, minding my children, and being awash in the wonder and chaos that surround me.

I am a sarcastic and cynical person with strong opinions on a wide variety of subjects, a lover of knowledge, and an aspiring midwife.

This blog is where I write things.  I write in the hope of making connections with other grown-ups, and sharing some information and perspective, but mostly just in the hope of making some sense of this crazy life.

About My Family

My husband Robert and I met as students at the School of Science and Technology (SST) magnet high school in the early ’00s.  We are geeky introverts with a shared love of Tolkien (obvi), Star Trek (although we disagree about which series is our favorite), books, artisan chocolate, delicious food, and DIY.

We are a low-media household: we don’t have a television or cell phones, we attempt to provide a limited-advertising environment for our children, we model technology use but not technology dependence, and we are vocal in our criticism of what media we do consume.

We make just about everything from scratch and do just about everything the simplest possible way.  We would rather spend time than money, would rather store reusable things than throw away disposable things, and would rather have one tool for many tasks than many tools that each only do one task.

We are also secular homeschoolers.  So far, we have employed mainly unschooling, since our children are still quite young.

About My Children

We have a set of not-twins born in early and late 2010.  We use masculine pronouns to refer to them for simplicity, but we encourage them to be themselves first and worry about labels later.

Númenor, the older, is sweet and gentle and extremely outgoing.  He loves to make new friends, young and old, but has a special fondness for babies.

Ithilien, the younger, has always had a clear and independent sense of self.  He loves to tell stories and have adventures, especially with sticks.

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  1. My opinion , that all women sholud stay as queens at thier homes without more headache and they takecare and controll their family this better than work

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