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…Christmas is coming.

In about five weeks.

Which means it’s not Advent yet, and if I were a decent human being who cared about the public welfare, I wouldn’t be posting any Christmas content.

But the fact is that I start my Christmas planning in July.  Every year.


Because if I’m going to have time to make and do everything myself it takes six freaking months, that’s why.

Admittedly I brought this on myself.  I *could* have established the expectation that we do Little House-style Christmases, where everyone gets some candy and a few things they need (like new wool stockings), and sometimes the youngest child gets a single toy.

But I love to make toys.  I LOVE to give gifts.  I love a big Christmas, like the ones I was lucky enough to grow up with.

So I start in July.  I make a list and brainstorm ideas and inventory supplies.  I usually start the first Christmas project in August.  I like to be done with a week to spare, so I can enjoy the holiday with my family instead of frantically shutting myself in the studio.

It’s the third week of November now, and I am down to one big and one small project for each child, some stocking stuffers, a couple things for Robert, and a gift for one of my brothers.

But I know there are lots of folks out there who are just getting started, and let me assure you that it’s NOT too late to start making gifts for Christmas.  There’s still time for one special, elaborate project for your kids or partner.  There’s plenty of time for little stuff.

I’m going to post a handful of times over the next two weeks with ideas for kids’ stocking stuffers, tips for having BIG gift-giving celebrations without spending big money, some thoughts on establishing gift traditions, and maybe a couple tutorials.

Even though it’s not Advent yet.  I’m sorry.

It could have been worse– I could have posted this stuff over the summer.